Linda Lu Upton
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Linda Lu Upton

First of all, thanks for looking at my website. As to me, I have always lived with the urge to create… something… anything. This started at a very early age when my mother taught me how to make hand puppets with toilet rolls, newspaper, glue, paint and bits of old fabric. I took art classes at college and have since worked with wood, string, clay, metals and now glass.

I love the versatility of glass, how it changes depending on the light, its myriad colours and reflections, the fact that it is always under tension so must be respected and handled with care, and it is ages old yet new and exciting discoveries are there for the explorer. I feel like I am on a journey, learning along the way what can be achieved with all sorts of glass. My inspiration comes from being in nature and observing natural colours, reflections, contours and shapes. Living in the Cotswolds in England helps to provide a beautiful canvas as my starting point. I have also travelled extensively and like to draw on those experiences when creating my designs.

I hope you enjoy looking at my pieces as much as I enjoyed making them. I decided to promote Luz Glass to share what I have created and generate enough income to continue my journey.

Who knows where it will take me?
Favourite materials

Fused glass, stained glass, iridescent glass, streaky glass, Bullseye glass, specialist glass, Spectrum glass, Tatra glass, cathedral glass, English muffle glass, opaque glass, textured glass, glass frit, copper foil, lead came, enamel paint and more.